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Goat Milk "Colby" Cheese


Goat Milk "Colby" Cheese
This farmstead cheese is made in small batches with fresh milk from our herd of healthy goats. You can feed yourself and your family real food that does not have any chemicals or GMO ingredients. Just good for you, real cheese. 

This cheese is pressed, waxed, and aged until the perfect flavor profile develops. This is a firm, creamy, and flavorful cheese. This cheese is excellent on its own or with crackers. It will make a great addition to a cheese plate.

This cheese is waxed as it ages, so there is a minimal rind. If you purchase a whole wheel, it will come with the wax.  If you are purchasing just a wedge, there will be no wax.  The rind (which is minimal) on this cheese is edible (and very good).   

Size: Each wedge is a quarter of a wheel and between 5 and 6 oz.  

Pasteurized Goat Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt.