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Hoosier Blanc


"Hoosier Blanc" Goat Milk Cheese
This farmstead cheese is made in small batches with fresh milk from our herd of healthy goats. You can feed yourself and your family real food that does not have any chemicals or GMO ingredients. Just good for you, real cheese. 

Note: This photo is not accurate and is a copied photo of our Hoosier Bleu.  We will get an updated photo as soon as possible.

This is aged, pressed goat cheese with a solid paste. It has a higher moisture content reminiscent of a gouda. This cheese is excellent on its own or with crackers and makes an excellent addition to a cheese plate.

Our favorite way to use it is to slice up good bread, drizzle it with olive oil and garlic, cover it with this sliced cheese and melt it under a broiler for a few minutes.  It also makes a great addition to any sandwich. 

Another amazing use for this cheese is to add it to your favorite fondue recipe.  But be sure to remove the rind if you use it this way.  And yes, the rind on this cheese is edible (and very good).  PJ eats it all the time, but some (less adventurous) eaters in the Jonas family prefer to leave it behind. 

It currently has a mild flavor, but will strengthen as it continues to age.  We love to use the older cheeses in our fondue - incredibly good! 

Size: Each wedge is between 5 and 6 oz.  Contact us if you are interested in larger sizes (e.g. an entire wheel)

Pasteurized Goat Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt.