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All Goat Milk Soap is Not Created Equal

All Goat Milk Soap is Not Created Equal

When I first started making soap for my family, my goal was very simple.  I wanted to create a natural bar of soap.  I did not want to use any chemical ingredients that I believe are unsafe for my children's skin and hazardous to their health.

I honestly had no idea that the soap was going to stop the dry skin on my husband's fingertips from cracking and splitting. I had no idea that it was going to help people with their eczema or their psoriasis. And I certainly had no idea that it was going to turn into a family business that would support our family and enable us to bring Jim home full-time.

I often hear from our customers that they are surprised when they try someone else's bar of goat milk soap that the quality is nowhere near the quality of our soap.  In fact, I recently received this email from Victoria:

My family has been using GMS for about two years now. Every once in a while, I'll buy a bar of a different brand of goat milk soap at my local natural grocer, but we always come back to GMS because it's just so much better than any other soap that we've bought. EVER. All three of my kiddos have very dry skin with bouts of eczema when allergy season is in high gear. NOTHING is better than GMS for their sensitive skin. The lemongrass fragrance makes me feel like I'm at a spa. And I love what I've read about your family! It's inspirational!!!

So why is our goat milk soap superior?  There are four main reasons.

1. The quality of the goat milk used.

We use fresh, raw goat milk from our healthy herd of goats.  Our goats are raised outside in the sunshine on good pasture and are fed well. We also supplement their diet with extra minerals such as selenium, so they can pass all of that goodness into the milk.  Many other goat milk soaps are made with canned milk or powdered milk and the difference is noticeable.

2. The other ingredients used.

Goat milk is a key ingredient, but the other ingredients used are just as important. The formula that we use is the one that I originally designed for our family.  I wanted a bar of soap that lasted a long time, lathered well, and was moisturizing.  I used ingredients that would give me these results.  I didn't go shopping after trendy ingredients or the latest fad oils.  I love our ingredients and our formula and am glad so many others do as well.

3. The way the soap is made.  

There are many different methods for making soap.  We use the cold-process method which allows the soap and glycerin to form without requiring the soap to be cooked (e.g. hot process).  This produces a great bar of soap.

4. The way the soap is cured.  

Many soapmakers use the cold process method, but then they rush the curing of their soap by adding extra heat.  We do not apply any extra heat to our soap or try to speed up the process so we can push production faster and faster. We cure our soap for a minimum of 6 weeks before they get bagged.

We hope that once you've tried our goat milk soap, that you will agree that not all goat milk soaps are created equal, and that ours is superior. Have you tried a different bar of goat milk soap?  How did it compare?


"I did try another goat milk soap, a local one, because of the easy access LOL. It didn't last very long. Melted fast, and I don't leave it in standing moisture. Won't try that again. GMS all the way!" Donna  

"Good evening!!! I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that your soap is absolutely, truly amazing. I have been ordering a "bulk" order ever year/half year from you for the past few years. After I finished my last bar of soap that I had ordered from you, I decided to see if I could find another goat milk soap closer to home to try and save myself money. Well, that was a HUGE mistake (and a mistake I will NEVER make again). I have tried several different goat milk soaps, and absolutely not one of them is anywhere near being comparable to yours. Some of them didn't suds up (which drives me nuts), while others would suds up and they smelled good; but they were the exact same price as yours, and one bar lasted me 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. I can use a bar of GMS soap for a month and a half with no problem. And yours has the most creamy suds and it smells so good. So.... lesson learned, and I am most definitely a GMS user for the rest of my life!" Brianne

"We visited our in-laws in Florida and when we were doing tourist stuff, I found a few goat milk soap stores.  Of course I investigated, but I came out empty handed and my husband couldn't understand why.  I told him just not the same quality as GMS.  You have a loyal customer here!" Mandy

"I haven't ordered for a while because I thought it would be good to try and buy my soap through a local resource, help the local economy etc. Big mistake. BIG!!! The locally made soap was nowhere near as nice as GMS, and it left soap scum on my shower walls, something that hasn't happened with GMS soap. Ah well, live and learn! I won't be making that mistake again!" Marcy

"I ordered several different fragrances and my box arrived today! I had to try the soap, and was so surprised at how creamy it was....and how well it lathered.  It seemed to leave my skin much softer than regular soap... I tried the Frankincense and Myrrh, which is my current favorite. he soap SO exceeded my expectations that I threw away all my other bars of regular soap!!! I first found goat milk soap at Whole Foods, and your soap is far superior!!!" Laura 

"PJ- I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your wonderful family. Your soaps and lotion sticks are the only products I can use on my girls who all have eczema without making them flare up at all. My youngest daughter who is 18 months old has very severe eczema, and requires 3 different prescriptions to just keep her poor little hands and feet from being open wounds constantly. I have tried other soaps and products from her dermatologist, all with awful results. Your soaps (the scents even, don't bother her skin at all!) are the ONLY thing I can use for her baths other than just plain water, that doesn't cause her pain and make her pretty much instantly break out in hives and cause the damaged areas of her skin to ooze. I want you to know just how much your products help us! It breaks my heart to see my daughter suffer with her skin condition. I don't know WHY your soap doesn't make her flare when other homemade "good" goat milk soaps that I've tried do, but I don't need to know. I'm just so thankful for your soap!" Annie

"I recently for the first time tried one of your soaps (an almond bar) and was amazed.  I have tried many other goat soaps in the Midwest, but nothing compares to your brand, especially its moisturizing power.  I also noticed how much longer your soap lasts--it does not gel up or get soggy.  P.S. I was raised on a farm in northern Illinois, and my father let me have a Toganburg female goat (which I later had bred and raised my own baby goats); raising her was a life-changing experience.  One of my neighbors milked a large Nubian (which we would milk when they went on vacation).  Keep up the great work!!" Craig

"Went to our local farmer's market, yesterday, and there two folks selling goatsmilk soap.  Their bars smaller, and felt so oily in my hand, that I just couldn't bring myself to support locally made!  Love your product, and your family business.  I'm sure your children are learning, through running a business, not only great skills, but life lessons, too!" Donna

"Hello! I met you guys about 4 or 5 years ago at the strange folk festival in Illinois. Yours was the FIRST organic or handmade soap I had ever tried. I have been addicted to handmade soaps since!!! I bought your soap several times through online. And then ventured out and have been buying locally made hand soaps from my community... But after years of trying dozens of other people's soaps, I'm back!!! You guys are the best!!! The goats milk really hits the spot!!!" Myles

"I just placed my 3rd order! I saw your family on the Huckabee Show. This soap is wonderful, it lathers so good, smells nice and does not dry out my skin. I have used other goat milk soap for a couple of years, but this is the best. I have given some to my grown daughters and they love it also. What a wonderful way to raise your family, all working together to make such a great product." Jane

"Hi-dee-ho Jonases, once again, I have tried a couple of other goat milk soaps offered at our farmers markets and such, and once again, yours outshines them 10 fold!! Keep up the good work!" Natalie

"I love this soap!! I tried another brand of goat milk soap when I ran out of my Purity half bar, and it just wasn't the same. I'm back for the good stuff! :) Thanks for all of your hard work and incredible products! God bless!" Amanda

"I used another brand of Goat milk soap then found I had one more bar of your soap and immediately felt the difference! Won't use that other soap again!"  Mary

"Your goat milk soap is amazing!!!! I've been against using goat milk soap in the past because it seemed so harsh on the skin, but then again I was purchasing it from major retail stores such Whole Foods and everything in Whole foods isn't "whole."  My skin felt so good after using your soap and I have very sensitive skin.  I like the fact that you use the bare minimum to make your soaps, in 2015 that is very rare.   Thank you so much!!!!" Ivy

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